Balneário Pedagógico de Vidago reopens for a new Thermal Season

On May 17th, Tuesday, the Balneário Pedagógico de Vidago reopens its doors, starting the 2022 Thermal Season. The Thermal Spa includes a series of valences in a modern and relaxing space. The combination of thermal techniques, professionals of excellence and Vidago Thermal Water's unique properties make it the ideal space to prevent and treat various pathologies and provide authentic moments of well-being.


The unique characteristics of Vidago’s Natural Mineral Water make it especially suitable for the treatment of diseases of the nervous, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems, skin, rheumatic and musculoskeletal disorders. This multipurpose space also has available Nutrition and Podiatry appointments.


In addition to all these valences, it is also possible to have access to a wide range of Wellness experiences, lasting from one to three days, which promise genuine moments of relaxation. For those who want to try out specific services or create their own experience, the Balneário also offers several complementary treatments, such as Massages, Shower with Massage, and access to the Dynamic Pool, among other options.


Located in Vidago village, in the municipality of Chaves, the thermal complex was built from the building of an old train station. Make your appointment here

Balneário Pedagógico de Vidago
Rua João de Oliveira, s/n
5425 - 352 Vidago
Thermal Season 2023
9th may to 28th october
(+351) 276 301 515
Tuesday to Saturday 3.30pm-7pm