Do you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle and don't know how to start? Do you want to begin a diet but don't know which foods to eat or avoid? Do you want to reach your ideal weight but can't do it?


At the Balneário Pedagógico de Vidago, you will find the specialised support you need regarding eating disorders. Firstly, you must schedule an appointment with our Nutritionist, who will evaluate and accompany you in this new phase.


Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle through the promotion of better eating habits, regular physical exercise, and the provision of treatments and thermal therapies suited to the diagnosis and needs of each person are the objectives of these consultations.


Health promotion is one of the goals of the World Health Organization. Being healthy is undoubtedly the best medicine when it comes to disease prevention.


Do you want to get rid of mycoses and foot injuries and don't know how? Do you want to treat warts that make you uncomfortable but don't know where? Are calluses already causing you discomfort, and you don't know how to solve it?


The answers and solutions to all these problems and others related to the feet are at the Balneário Pedagógico de Vidago, which has a Podiatry service. Just schedule an appointment with our Podiatrist, who will assess the health of your feet, from the youngest to the oldest, prepare a diagnosis and define the individual treatment plan.


In this way, you will be able to regain quality of life and the comfort of walking with healthy and well-groomed feet.


Podiatry is a science that investigates, prevents, diagnoses and treats changes that affect the foot. Complementing it with the regular practice of physical exercise is an advice and a concern of the World Health Organization.

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